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Stones of Meaning
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Three Generations
Happy Family in Nature
Insurance Agent
Insurance Agent
Cheerful Seniors
Happy Family
Father and Children
Walking in the Woods
Playing Soccer
Father and Son
Happy Senior Couple
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BIVX Wealth & Insurance Solutions

Life Insurance & Annuity
Supplemental Insurance

Whole Life, Term Life, Index Universal Life, Fixed Annuities

are available if suitable for you. Let our financial planner assist you.

Cancer, cardiac, accidental, critical care for small or large, per visit to the hospital or lump sum, we have insurance that pays you directly.

Mortgage Insurance & Family Banks

Whether it's mortgage life insurance protection you want or a strategy to protect your money  from high interest loans, Your Family Bank will provide you with a way to eliminate your personal debt, create a family bank to take care of all of your expenses.

Business Insurance, 
Employee Benefits

Business owners know the importance of having the right insurance in place when you need it. WIth more than 20 years of experience in construction, property, workers compensation, general liability and employer benefits protecting your assets is our specialty.  

Protection for Life

We also Protect Your Assets For You

Commercial General Liability & Bonds

Whether you are a new business, self-employed, small business or large corporation, insurance matters. We understand the landscape and help many business owners start their business correctly or continue their business with significant savings and added incentives for success! Let us show you how to protect your assets properly.

Directors and Officers
Professional Liability

Many non-profits and corporations realize the importance of protecting  their board members against business liability. Directors and officers and professional liability are two of the most important coverages you can have in place for your board members and your company. Things happen being prepared maintains the safety of the board and the company, 

Employee Benefits
and Workers Compensation

Most business know that their most important asset are their employees. Being able to offer benefits to management and staff is important when it comes to attracting and retaining your most qualified and exceptional talent. Workers Compensation is required for all companies whether you are opting in or out as the owner. 

BIVX Wealth & Insurance Solutions

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February 23, 2023

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